The most traditional production but at the same time the most innovative is the weaved fabrics manufacture. To realize these fabrics have been designed special textile looms able to manage many different types of mixed fibres.

These amazing productions are made in the weaving in Signa beside the historical production of heavy canvas. The weaved fabrics are realized by customize textile looms able to manage different fibers: strong yarns as leather, imitation leather, cellulose, straw, jute, cotton , linen and other fibres that can be natural, synthetic or recycled.

Characteristic of this production are straw or raffia weaves and paper. These fabrics can then also be treated with subsequent finishing steps that always take place within the company, such as dyeing, spraying, calendering, laminating, etc, which give the fabric additional original features able to enhance the innovative armor made.

These materials are indicated especially for the production of bags, footwear and house furniture.


After years of research Ta-Bru designed a “know how” unique and innovative to treated the leather as fabric being able to make pieces 140cm high 100% leather as they were fabrics from the traditional textile production.
The huge difference between the leather weaves from the other companies and the leather made from Ta-Bru is that the other factories produce hand-woven panels with predefined size, the Ta-Bru ones are “ endless” because they come out from the loom machine as if they were woven with the “hand-made” effect.
This unique technique allows to cut directly without the imposition of seams that we have with panels, also once a panel is cut the edges are not frayed. These qualities mean save time and money and gave the chance to use the leather weaves in many different ways especially for leathergoods and furniture sector.The entire process is carried out within the company’s facilities according to the high quality company standard.