In terms of environmental protection, the company has always been committed to finding sustainable production solutions that aim to reduce the environmental impact at every stage of processing.
Between 2010 and 2013 Ta-Bru s.p.a. has installed in its production departments of Signa and Annone Brianza photovoltaic systems for a total of 251 Kw of power, which have significantly reduce the use of energy from non-renewable sources and pollutants, to the benefit of the use of clean energy.
In 2017 in the finishing department of Signa, a biological purification plant was installed to treat, through the action of bacteria, the waste water of finishing operations.


The real commitment to sustainable fashion has led to the design of a range of textile products respectful of the “eco-friendly” philosophy, which use recycled materials otherwise destined for landfill; following the rule of “3 R” ( Reduce – Reuse – Recycle ) Ta-Bru is doing its best to reduce the environmental impact and design new products made with “green” materials.

Currently Ta-Bru has 3 eco-friendly categories:

Eco- Lining

They are lining made from recycled certified yarns produced from used plastic bottle of water. They could be lining dyed in pieces of different colours or to have more stability they could be past-dyed.


These are fabrics made on commission by the customer (sometimes with exclusivity for the design) using only recycled yarns, with a high concentration of textures; or they can be made with 100% organic dyed cotton yarn.

Eco-Organic canvas

They are heavy canvas made from 100% organic cotton with different weights and grains dyed with reactive dyes in certified detox dyeing.