Production Departments

Production Departments

Operative production is managed entirely in Italy in their departments in Signa (FI), Prato(PO) and Annone Brianza (CL).
Customized and innovative machines, allow to meet all the needs of the market, with particular reference to the sector of accessories, leather goods and furniture.

The weaving in Signa

In the weaving in Signa there are many different units to supply to all customer requests. There is the “heavy looms department” to make customized strong canvas ( like olona, the most popular heavy canvas in cotton), the “fast loom department” for the industrial production of fabrics with important thread density, the loom department “modified” to Ta-Bru project, equipped with cantra, to make woven fabrics with flat weft, leather, faux leather, linen and other materials, another loom department modified on a Ta-Bru project, for weaving straw, paper, flamed, irregular yarns and any other thick yarn, without limitations. Finally, a cutting department with laser or blade cutting, at the service of weaving frames.

The finishing department in Signa and Prato

In the finishing department in Signa and Prato, is provided for the finishing of textile products, through machinery able to create special and unique effects on fabrics and leathers. They are machines for drying, dyeing , “sprayers” with drying oven up to 160°, calenders modified on Ta-Bru project for the application of films on fabrics, dyeing machinery for cellulose fabrics and other heavy and modified machinery, from time to time, to achieve the desired special effect.

The weaving in Annone

In the weaving in Annone we find technology and production efficiency with three departments of looms. A “compressed air and high speed” chassis department, of maximum precision for industrial production; a “last generation” chassis department that allow to program the creation of special effects working on ten textures of different thicknesses; and, a chassis department “modified”, designed by Ta-Bru, equipped with a cantra for the production of Kilim, straw, and other heavy titles with a ratio of 160cm.

The production of the company, able to satisfy every need in the textile sector, even in clothing, finds its uniqueness and specialty in the production of braided ( skulls and leathers), of canvas and Jacquard ( including Kilim fabrics and personalised bags lining with the brand’s logo), which was joined by the treatment of leather, the production of laminates and laminated fabrics, addressed to every market sector but with particular attention to leather goods and furniture.