The production of jacquard fabrics, another sector that characterizes the company, is made entirely in the weaving of Annone Brianza, divided into two production departments :one with Jacquard’s pliers, modified and refined over time, for the production of jacquard fabrics in large quantities, such as fabrics, kilims, carpets, etc. and the other with high-speed compressed air frames, for the production of low-density fabrics, such as lining for bags and ventilation.


The production of jacquard linings with designs and textures with a unique and unrepeatable effect is another typical sector of the Company’s production. Linings made from very small fibres (nylon, polyester, recycled polyester, cotton, organic or recycled cotton and other fibres), woven from the latest generation of high-speed compressed air looms, for the careful processing they receive are particularly suitable for the interior lining of bags and furnishings. Able to meet any production demand, Ta-Bru is one of the largest suppliers of custom slipcovers for the most famous fashion and furniture brands.


With pliers adapted, modified and improved over time, Ta-Bru produces jacquard fabrics for leather goods but also for furniture.
Fabrics with floral, geometric, devorè and embroidered designs, the use of mixed materials for weaving, which characterizes these product, makes these fabrics unique. Just as unique is the recent production of kilim fabrics, with truly unusual structural complexity, which reproduce exactly the visual effect of the carpets but having the characteristics of the fabric.