Woven Fabrics

The most traditional production but at the same time the most innovative is the weaved fabrics manufacture. To realize these fabrics have been designed special textile looms able to manage many different types of mixed fibres.


The production of jacquard fabrics, another sector that characterizes the company, is made entirely in the weaving of Annone Brianza, divided into two production departments :one with Jacquard’s pliers, modified and refined over time, for the production of jacquard fabrics in large quantities, such as fabrics, kilims, carpets, etc. and the other with high-speed compressed air frames, for the production of low-density fabrics, such as lining for bags and ventilation.

Olone (Canvas)

Heavy canvas in cotton ( organic or recycled) perfect for furniture or clothing ,especially handbags. These canvas are perfectly weaved and they are treated and coulored according with fashion trends. These fabrics represent one of the most popular product from Ta-Bru.

Leather Weaves

After years of research Ta-Bru designed a “know how” unique and innovative to treated the leather as fabric being able to make pieces 140cm high 100% leather as they were fabrics from the traditional textile production.